When all of the dust settles from the craziness of deadlines, the most important thing for me seems to be regrouping and getting my thoughts together. What worked, what didn’t?  Did I learn anything new? Discover a new technique? Hone an old, tried and true one? I have found that it is becoming increasingly helpful for me to go through the process, in order to put the last job to bed and move on to the next project seamlessly.  It really helps get rid of lingering thoughts of the old to make room for the new.

My last project was a favor for a friend, finishing up all of my couture sewing commitments. That phase of my life is completed.  It confirmed that I made the right choice in my career path and happy about moving on.

Yesterday and Wednesday I was in the studio finishing up some pendants and beads to send to The Art of the Bead for Bead and Button’s Milwaukee show in June.  I’m quite pleased with the newest stamps I’d carved to use on the clay… some are earthy, some are more linear… and carving a lot more in the coming weeks is something I’m excited about.  My focal beads are always one of a kind or in very limited collections so the addition of original stamps just makes them that much more so.  And it keeps me on my creative toes.  Currently the stamps are carved from eraser-like material and that works well with the ^6 clay that I prefer, but I am going to use more wood in my carving in the future, and also make some stamps from the clay and fire those.

Heading out to lunch and a gallery auction tonight with great friends and good food. Enjoy your day.